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Foshan Shunde Skyline Trading., Co., LTD.

About us

Skyline Trading Co., LTD. was founded in 1999, The company’s original name was Eternal Trading & Construction Ltd.

Skyline Team had worked for an importer and distributor of furniture tool products from 2000 – 2014, and had extensive experience in international sales, hotel projects, products development, and importing from countries such as China, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam & Malaysia . They took his first buying trip to Mainland China in 1999. In it’s early years, the company’s focus was to help Middle Eastern, Europe, Americans & Australian companies import tool products and measuring tools used in the metalworking industries (automotive, aerospace and all machine shops) from China. Many of the factories we worked with had to possess technical expertise, as some of the gages we sold had tolerance requirements at the micron level (millionths of an inch.) A number of our customers were large distributors, (some of who were publicly traded and had annual sales in excess of USD$200 million per year) who imported container loads of precision tools, cutting tools and gages of many types.

The business grew quickly, and in 2010 we created and developed our own line of tool products. The flagship product was a line of tool grinding machines with a retail value of $4,000.00 that we bought from a company that was getting out of the business. Sales of the tool grinders grew and by 2011 we were selling several hundred machines annually. In addition to the tool grinders we developed our own line of precision gage block sets and precision tools that we imported from China and warehoused in the U.S.. We sold these lines to an international distribution base of customers in North America, Europe and Asia


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In 2009 the decision was made to sell the tool line and focus solely on helping other companies import their products from China. China’s industrial base had grown substantially in the 2000’s, and our Chinese friends gave us the ability to source a wide variety of products. The tool line was sold at a profit and the company’s name was changed to Skyline Trading Co., LTD. .. Since then our sole mission has been to help companies import their products from reliable manufacturers in China.

Today we have customers in the Middle East, U.S., Canada, and the U.K., Australia, Swizrland and have sourced a wide variety of products for our customers. We work with three trading groups in China that are based in Guangzhou, Ningbo and Shenzhen. From these regions we have access to much of China’s industrial base.

Even though we have processes in place to do our best to insure that you get a shipment without quality problems, we know that problems can arise no matter how hard everyone works to avoid them. If you get a shipment that isn’t to spec, we’ll work with the factory to get any defective product replaced.

Our experience in developing products from print to part and bringing them to market successfully is a plus for you; we sometimes give our customers pointers on how to get a product line up and going and what pitfalls to avoid. If you’re successful, we’re successful, and we strive to build relationships with our customers for the long term. We enjoy helping our customers succeed.

Our Services


Furniture Production

With more than 20-year professional experience in the high end custom furniture industry, we aim to provide one-stop solution to our clients in both home and commercial projects.

Projects Supplier

With the help of more than 50.000 square meters production facilities we design & make furniture according to different types of requirements from our clients.

What we have done

We has done many projects both in domestic and international furniture market so far,such as 5 or 4 star hotel projects because we are always glad to help our customers.

What we supplying

Skyline Trading Co., LTD are good at producing all kinds of wood furniture especially hotel furniture,hotel supplies (Sofa, Chairs, Desks, Tables Bed, Materress, Electronic Products, Decoration etc..)

Material Variety

Skyline works great also for complex designs including a multitude of different materials as we are listing suppliers of truly diversified manufacturing profiles

Protective Packaging & Delivery

Our dedicated despatch team will wrap your furniture carefully to ensure it arrives safely and in perfect condition. It will be delivered fully built-up whenever access allows to facilitate quicker installation.

1. A prototype that is a final representation of the product as you want it manufactured, and/or final engineer’s drawings..

2. Purchase quantities per part.

3. The major city closest to you so that we can provide a quote with the freight included.

Our Partners

Materials & Furniture Partners